IRS Announces $1,400 Stimulus Payments

Eligibility Criteria FIling Status Full Eligibility Partial Eligibility Single < $75,000 $75,001 – $80,000 Head of Household < $112,500 $112,501 – $120,000 Married < $150,000 $150,001 – $160,000 Additional Information If the IRS has your account information, the $1,400 will be directly deposited to your account. If not, checks or debit cards will be mailedContinue reading “IRS Announces $1,400 Stimulus Payments”

Did You Receive Unemployment in 2020?

IRS announced an exemption on your first $10,200 of unemployment income. IF YOUR 2020 TAX IS ALREADY FILED: The IRS urges you to NOT make an amendment. They will make the modification themselves. IF YOU HAVEN’T FILED YOUR 2020 TAXES: Be sure to visit our team of tax pros before May 17th to make sureContinue reading “Did You Receive Unemployment in 2020?”