No ha recibido su reembolso del 2020 aún? No se preocupe.

El IRS anunció que el procesamiento de reembolses este año está tomando más tiempo del usual. A Junio del 2021, aún habían aproximádamente 25 millones de devoluciones sin procesar. El IRS anunció que les está tomando más tiempo del usual para procesar y depositar los reembolsos debido a la pandemia. Los cierres y el procesamientoContinue reading “No ha recibido su reembolso del 2020 aún? No se preocupe.”

Haven’t Received Your 2020 Refund yet? Don’t Worry.

The IRS has announced that processing and issuing of refunds this year is taking longer than usual. As of June 2021, there were approximately 35 million unprocessed returns. The IRS announced that it is taking longer than usual processing and issuing refunds this year due to the pandemic. Shutdowns and the processing of extra paymentsContinue reading “Haven’t Received Your 2020 Refund yet? Don’t Worry.”

IRS Announces $1,400 Stimulus Payments

Eligibility Criteria FIling Status Full Eligibility Partial Eligibility Single < $75,000 $75,001 – $80,000 Head of Household < $112,500 $112,501 – $120,000 Married < $150,000 $150,001 – $160,000 Additional Information If the IRS has your account information, the $1,400 will be directly deposited to your account. If not, checks or debit cards will be mailedContinue reading “IRS Announces $1,400 Stimulus Payments”

Did You Receive Unemployment in 2020?

IRS announced an exemption on your first $10,200 of unemployment income. IF YOUR 2020 TAX IS ALREADY FILED: The IRS urges you to NOT make an amendment. They will make the modification themselves. IF YOU HAVEN’T FILED YOUR 2020 TAXES: Be sure to visit our team of tax pros before May 17th to make sureContinue reading “Did You Receive Unemployment in 2020?”